Culture Hacking

With Jim and Tim : Express Boot

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Saturday, May 11th. 10am-5pm

Learn about and do a little Culture Hacking with Jim McCarthy (TEDxMilwaukee 2013 speaker) and Tim Bailen.

A culture is the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that both describes and shapes a group. Culture, like technology, can be fruitfully hacked to make it more useful. Good culture hacking promotes freedom, extends openness, and embodies rationality and design elegance.

Walking in to a designed culture versus an unintentional culture is like the difference between walking into the Taj Mahal versus stumbling into a dark, damp cave that might have an angry bear in the back.

Our goals for this day are: to be generous and welcoming in our designed culture and to do some culture hacking with you; to turn on to each other and to turn you onto some ideas that have been developed over the last few decades. We will run some new culture "code" together. We will make and invest in new friends. We will connect with those who value connection. We will use our skill and experience to make sure that our common time together is an unusually rewarding and enlightening experience.

You will definitely see the simple logic and extraordinary potential of the culture hacking ideas; pick up a few cool and practical new tools; and experience the potent feelings and striking insight that comes when you tweak reality just a bit.

All this we will share together in a safe and easy way, where no one has to do anything they don’t want to. No “awkward” is allowed. The whole thing will be illuminating and fun.

As we increasingly hack our culture we will grow in effectiveness and ambition and will bring more and more problems into scope. We are envisioning a resulting unprecedented Golden Era and an age of unparalleled magnificence where extremely local cultures are intentionally designed and a vast multitude of unique and exciting cultures exist.

Join us!

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